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OBJECTIVE OF BUFFALO: Drink with your non-dominant hand. MATERIALS: Alcohol TYPE OF GAME: Drinking AUDIENCE: Adults INTRODUCTION TO BUFFALO Buffalo is a social drinking game, but more than that,

Beer Pong

OBJECTIVE OF BEER PONG: Throw a ping pong ball into cups in order to get your opponents drunk. NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 2-4 players (played with fixed partnerships) MATERIALS: Table, 22 plastic cups, ping


OBJECTIVE OF TOEPEN: Win the last trick during each hand. NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 3-8 players NUMBER OF CARDS: 32 card deck RANK OF CARDS: 10 (high), 9, 8, 7, A, K, Q, J TYPE OF GAME: Trick-taking/Drin

Never Have I Ever

OBJECTIVE OF NEVER HAVE I EVER: Be the last player with fingers up. NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 4+ players MATERIALS: Your fingers, alcohol TYPE OF GAME: Drinking AUDIENCE: All Ages INTRODUCTION TO NEVER

King's Cup

OBJECTIVE OF KING’S CUP: Drink alcohol and have fun with some friends! NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 2+ players MATERIALS: Standard 52 card deck, lots of alcohol (typically played with beer), 1 large cu

Ride the Bus

OBJECTIVE OF RIDE THE BUS: Get drunk and have the least amount of cards in hand. NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 4-8 players MATERIALS: Beer, Standard 52 card deck RANK OF CARDS: A (high), K, Q, J, 10, 9, 8, 7,

A Yard of Ale

OBJECTIVE OF A YARD OF ALE: Get Drunk (first)!! MATERIALS: Tall beer glass (holds 2.5 imperial pints or 1.4 L) AUDIENCE: Adults INTRODUCTION TO A YARD OF ALE A Yard of Ale, or as it is sometimes

Liar's Dice

OBJECTIVE OF LIAR’S DICE: Make wise bets and get drunk with your friends! MATERIALS: Beer, playing table for all player, 4-6 dice per player, 1 opaque cup per player AUDIENCE: Adults INTRODU


OBJECTIVE OF HORSERACE: Bet on the right ace or get wasted! MATERIALS: Beer, Standard deck of card, a table AUDIENCE: Adult TYPE OF GAME: Drinking INTRODUCTION TO HORSE RACE (HORSERACE) Horserace

Flip Cup

OBJECTIVE OF FLIP CUP: Chug & Flip faster than the opposing team. NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 4+ players MATERIALS: Plastic cups, lots of beer, playing table at a comfortable height for cup flipping TYPE


OBJECTIVE OF CAPS: Score points by tossing caps into a beer mug. NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 4 players (fixed partnerships) MATERIALS: 2 cups (beer mugs), tons of bottle caps, tons of beer TYPE OF GAME: (Sk

Drinking Games

What are Drinking Games? Drinking Games are games (of any sort) which involve drinking within the game mechanism. Games can be card games or board games, interactive games using props like coins and