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Drinking Games

What are Drinking Games? Drinking Games are games (of any sort) which involve drinking within the game mechanism. Games can be card games or board games, interactive games using props like coins and


OBJECTIVE OF CARCASSONNE: Have the lowest value hand. NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 2-5 players MATERIALS: 72 land tiles, 40 followers, 1 score tracker TYPE OF GAME: tile-laying AUDIENCE: 10 years & up


Click here to download, print and play Dango. This article had been written in 1996 for a monthly issue of “Go Game in Russia” almanac, now out of print since 2008 To begin with, I’ll describe b

Chinese Checkers

OBJECTIVE OF CHINESE CHECKERS: Be the first player to get all your pieces to the “home.” MATERIALS: Star-shaped Checker board, 60 pegs (6 different colored sets of 10) NUMBER OF PLAYERS:


OBJECTIVE: Be the first player to get all four your pawns from the color corresponding START space to HOME. NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 2-4 Players MATERIALS: game board, 16 pawns (4 of each of the 4 colo


OBJECTIVE: The goal of Scrabble is to earn more points than other players by forming interlocking words on the game board in a crossword puzzle fashion. Points are earned by strategically using lette


OBJECTIVE: The object of battleship is to sink all five of your opponents’ ships first NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 2 player game MATERIALS: 2 game boards, 10 ships, red pegs, white pegs TYPE OF GAME:


OBJECTIVE:  The object of the game is to occupy every territory on the board and in doing so, eliminate the other players. The game of world domination! NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 2-6 players MATERIALS: 1 Tr


OBJECTIVE:  The object of Monopoly is to send every other player into bankruptcy or become the wealthiest player through buying, renting, and selling property. NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 2-8 players MATERIAL


OBJECTIVE:  Solve the murder! Correctly name the murderer, murder weapon, and murder location. NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 3-6 players MATERIALS: Clue game board, six suspect tokens, six murder weapons, 21 ca


OBJECTIVE: The goal is to capture or “check” your opponents king, backing him into a corner with no option of escape. Checkmate! NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 2 players MATERIALS: A chessboard, 32 chess pi


OBJECTIVE:  The objective of checkers is to get as many pieces from your opponents as possible.   NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 2 players MATERIALS: 8×8 game board and 24 discs (12 of 2 colors)   TYPE OF